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ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Hello guys! Intro, Nurul Shakirah. Still studying. TiJB student as well. Im shorty girl :P Haha. Okay, many of you wondering right what am I going to do for my blogy. Nothing much for sure la, because I dont love writing actually. Haha. As for you all to know, my all published post is what just I want to share. That all. I'm not a copycat ok! Thanks for the reading. Enjoy your life with smile. See ya! Your sincerely, KYRA

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1 day to go

Hello brothers! Hello sisters!
Hello PMR candidates batch 2010!

Only 1 day to go neh. Peh! Wa seram sejuk boleh tak lu. =.=' Malam malam susah mey wa mau tidur. Swear! Recently, I cannot slept like a log. For the rest of my life, I never ever feels like this. Huh. Whole of my body and soul had covered with scared plus panic. How about you guys? What are you already gone through? Khamis nie ajeee. Haih. Detik paling bersejarah. Gegaran gian menghangeeeeeeet jiwa! Peh. Ayaaat waaa. Baik an? Hee :P Ada budak ni an? an? koraaaang. Haaa. Orang amek result dye pi vocation aww. Ade ke patot? Haha. XD

Whatever or anything that going happen, I had did my best!
I hopes that Allah gives extremely best for me
and my friends who took PMR this year.
Amin. :)