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ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Hello guys! Intro, Nurul Shakirah. Still studying. TiJB student as well. Im shorty girl :P Haha. Okay, many of you wondering right what am I going to do for my blogy. Nothing much for sure la, because I dont love writing actually. Haha. As for you all to know, my all published post is what just I want to share. That all. I'm not a copycat ok! Thanks for the reading. Enjoy your life with smile. See ya! Your sincerely, KYRA

Monday, November 28, 2011


Today I don’t know why I feel sorrow. Only Allah can describe how much sorrow I am. I feel want to scream so that my pressure will cooling down. But it getting me more more 'teruks'. Now, I have found the resolution how to overcome my pressure. It so easy and simple. SMILE. I feel more better when I smile and laugh. So do smile and laugh more and more okay? ;)