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ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Hello guys! Intro, Nurul Shakirah. Still studying. TiJB student as well. Im shorty girl :P Haha. Okay, many of you wondering right what am I going to do for my blogy. Nothing much for sure la, because I dont love writing actually. Haha. As for you all to know, my all published post is what just I want to share. That all. I'm not a copycat ok! Thanks for the reading. Enjoy your life with smile. See ya! Your sincerely, KYRA

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day by day

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Hello people. Whatca doing right now? I hope all of you in good condition. Same like goes to meeeee :)Okay. Shall I start my story about?

Ehem. Ehem. Testing testing. One two three. Hehe.

Day by day, I get stressed a lot. Ya rabbi. You know what. This year, I think I had no rest, no perfectly study time. No recall all the f4 subjects. Poor meeeeee :'( Im feel so slepy when school period. How much terrible am I right? I knowwwwwwwwwww :) Hihi.

By the way, first monthly test just around the corner. I hope I can get the result with flying colours. Haha (padahal tak study ape ape pun lagi nieee) :P Beriyeeeeeeee nooohh :D Eh. Cop. Hidup ni kene beriye ok. Baru boleh maju setapak ke hadapan. Cewah. Ayat guaaaa. Boleh pergi jauh sebenarnyeee an? (^^,)