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ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Hello guys! Intro, Nurul Shakirah. Still studying. TiJB student as well. Im shorty girl :P Haha. Okay, many of you wondering right what am I going to do for my blogy. Nothing much for sure la, because I dont love writing actually. Haha. As for you all to know, my all published post is what just I want to share. That all. I'm not a copycat ok! Thanks for the reading. Enjoy your life with smile. See ya! Your sincerely, KYRA

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

L-O-V-E is powerfull.

Hello people! Today I would love to share something wif u guys :)

Love is too powerfull right? Sometime it make us happening, hurting, crying and sometime feel dying. See! How much the power of love that Allah give to us. Just like the same thing goes to me. Sometimes I just think love is like a cycle. Are you same with me? Sometime make me laugh and happy to be appriciated. Love is too big to explore and express. But, Allah give us happiness through someone we love. Okay. If we are single it not mean that nobody love us. Kan? #CEWAH! Haha :P

*To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.*nak sedapkan hati :D (^^,)

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